Apart from the obvious cost difference over a biometric system, which we will dwell upon in a minute, the WiFi attendance system is a superior way to manage workforce effectiveness.

Whether you are a start-up or a giant, this app is built to enhance your organisations performance. As you read further, you will uncover the treasure that a mere attendance app can hold.

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WiFi attendance vs Biometric system

Let’s take a minute here to help you rule out a popular yet limited method of marking attendance – The Biometric system.

Generally, prices range from $5,000 to $10,000 per door for a complete system that includes the biometric scanner, a specialized locking system, software integration and installation.

The WiFi system costs about one-tenth of a biometric system per annum for a firm that is small scale. Take a look for yourself here.

This is one of the most visible and stark differences. But the advantages of having an attendance system that also collects employee productivity data, or let’s say ‘acts as a mini manager’ for your manager, are hard to put a price on.

Helping your workforce focus on crucial tasks instead of micromanaging each employee is a concrete step towards increasing productivity and creating ideal working conditions.

But there happen to be so many Wi-Fi attendance apps in the market.

What makes our product superior?

The thought behind it – to not just be an attendance app.We have built this app keeping in mind each organisational pillar – managers, HR personnel and employees.

Our goal is to give each workplace an edge over other organisations by being efficient, accurate and swift.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what gives this product an edge:

1. Setup and configuration

Setup and configuration is a 5-step online process requiring no additional hardware if your company has an existing WiFi setup.Once the setup is done, it has a user-friendly dashboard which has leave management, attendance management, time worksheet, team preference module and many such amazing features that can be customised.

2. Set up a WiFi range

You can avoid employees punching in leaving from outside the office by setting a Wi-Fi range.  A feature unfortunately absent from most other Wi-Fi attendance apps!

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3. Managers can use it to track employees within the premises

Tired of Sally spending all her time pruning the office garden instead of working?

While the effort is worthy of appreciation, it is not really what you hired her for. Making sure each individual contributes their fair share to the company is a tedious and daunting task.

This can now thankfully be outsourced to the app with the Live Tracking feature. This feature also helps eliminate buddy punching.

4. Apply and approve leaves

For managers and employees both, this app is a quick and impersonal way to apply for and approve leaves. One can also view the company approved holiday list for hassle free planning.

5. Microsoft Azure

It uses Microsoft Azure. Without getting into the technicality of what cloud computing is, this literally translates to your business not having to invest in additional hardware to maintain massive amounts of data collected over years.

It also eliminates the need to invest in software for data analytics. It measures the efficiency of your workforce with the help of a feature called- Team Productivity Sheets.

6. Assign tasks

This unique app helps project managers as well. This allows them to allocate tasks to team members via Team Preference Module. The module has sections where employees can enter the time spent on a project, which can further be segregated into billable and non-billable tasks.

Allowing managers to focus on the bigger picture and not have to worry about ‘who did what’. Sounds like a dream? Yes, that’s what we had in mind!

7. Cumulative analysis

This app generates data reports that help you take decisions pragmatically. Enabling managers to make the right decisions during appraisals and choose team members for the future.

Final Thought

We call this an attendance app to keep it simple in the minds of our customers, but a quick glance at the features will convince you that it has way more value.

With the advent of technology, a small business decision like how to capture attendance can revolutionise your workplace.

Don’t miss the bus on a smarter way of working!