Artificial intelligence is taking over power in almost all areas now and the case is no different in HR technologies. There are talks like AI is going to replace HR professionals making the technology redundant which is not true at least in a few upcoming years.

Of course, AI has changed the way HR professionals have been working over decades as it has extended human capabilities that made them even more effective.

Importantly, companies are taking the assistance of these technologies to automate many of the time consuming tasks. This in turn is helping the employees to work on more important areas and utilize the saved time effectively to improve the overall productivity.

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If anyone says that AI is slowly redefining the functions of HR tech, it is more or less true to some extent.

Here we can have a look at some of the most important changes or benefits that are experienced in HR tech with the role of AI.

1. Personalized on boarding for employees

AI systems can make the on boarding session really helpful for a new employee. They don’t need to fumble just because the person at nearest desktop is from a different department or if they are short of training in the role.  AI system can in fact speed up the process by answering the most critical questions.

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They can flawlessly move on with the right set of information including the contacts, locations or even the training suggestions to easily get going. An AI engine can also connect them to the new hire web pages where they can get lot of relevant information.  

2. Learning and development

AI assisted learning programs are helping employees to sharpen their skills and improve their performance. HR professionals can just focus on any additional learning needs or arrangement of training sessions while employees can get a standard learning platform through AI programs.

Many companies are now adapting game based programs where employees play games to improve their skills online without the need of any real time classroom. AI is shifting learning to a self service domain as employees can choose their relevant short duration digital courses to enhance their grades.

3. AI recruiters

The recruiting process is one of the most time consuming and tedious process according to HR professionals. Filtering a group of eligible candidates from thousands of applications and then going through several level of recruitment process can be a hectic task.

However, the AI recruiters can make the job easy for them as almost half of the task can be handled without human interaction.

The systems can almost offer custom experiences to candidates by automating of scheduling interviews and assisting with feedback to proposed candidates.

The applicants can even get their questions answered in real time. This makes way for human recruiters to utilise more of their time to convert candidates to hires.

4. Cognitive supported decision making

The day to day decisions at the work place can be triggered by involvement of cognitive AI. Many of the tasks handled by HR people can be now well integrated and collaborated without many hassles.

This can be handling vacation requests when too many employees opt for leaves in the same time frame, systematic approach for team training, assisting in hiring processes and even suggesting for a break by determining your mood.

Decisions for tomorrow are suggested based on the data from the past and smart algorithms provide AI with prescient and insightful abilities. Predictive quality and reliability is maintained with its brilliance of creating models and interpreting data sets. 

5. Smarter people analytics

Companies have been trying hard to collect relevant data about their customers over years to build an insight of their future behaviour. However, AI can do smarter people analytics thus taking away the hardest part of this most time consuming area.

HR professionals just need to do their part by enabling these AI machines to determine what type of data to analyze, track, protect and manage.

Of course such innovative ways to attract top talent and deliver improved candidate experience help companies to stay different from their competitors.

6. Reduce human biases:

It is not quite surprising to know that human biases can be an important factor when it comes to decision making in various company processes.

This is especially evident in the recruitment process as they tend to shortlist or filter candidates based on their unconscious bias. This can include going for candidates who are more or like similar to them or based on languages.

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However, the AI based recruitment and filtering can reduce this to a great extent as it can minimize these bias patterns which in turn enhance their hiring communications and receive varied applicants.

Moreover, the software can sift through thousands of candidate applications at a much faster rate.

7. Employee analytics & retention

The AI features and possibilities can not only track big data regarding employees like her past record but even their mood over a period. Their emails and browsing history can be tracked thus reporting to management for corrective actions.

Similarly, mood meters can figure out the sentiments of employees over the period and help organizations to build up strategies to improve employee retention rates. Such moves can easily identify the employees who are planning to move out and thus plan for talks and discussions to improve their employee experience.

8. Mechanizing repetitive tasks

There are lots of low value tasks that are repetitive in nature but unavoidable for which human effort and time is used every day. The AI assistance can automate these tasks which save the otherwise used up time which can be used productively for some other tasks.

Instead of routine administrative tasks, their focus can be instead shifted to some strategic areas where human involvement is mandatory.

HR teams can save the time for more value added tasks like continuous feedback and mentoring. Even electronic employee helpdesks can be created where automatic responses can be received for common queries.

9. Improved relationships with employees

In addition to hiring the right set of employees, the AI intelligence can even offer assistance to improve the existing employee relations. As common business processes are streamlined, the chances of human error are minimized and thus save many employees from mistakes due to burn out sessions.

Moreover, the engagement surveys and similar tools are being effective to figure out the employee characteristics and temperaments and match them to the right departments, roles and co-workers.

They also have more ‘people time’ to interact with employees and solve their insecurities with hands on approach which was not feasible in the past due to time constraints.

10. Expand HR as a resource

The AI involvement in many time-consuming tasks can in fact expand their role as a resource for the company. As they get more time and freedom to dedicate on performance management, they can grow and sharpen their skills to contribute more to company’s betterment.

Their focus can be diverted to employee growth and productivity as well as building a positive working environment.  Moreover, they can have an eye on the working of AI and closely watch the trends to apply the same in their profile to make a difference from the competitors.

11. Smart assistants

Would you be astonished if you have a smart assistant at office that help you make decisions from data analytics rather than insights? The smart assistants approach from AI system is seriously making a difference in the way managers can make decisions about their team’s progress.

Such assistance can in fact drive appropriate and contextual alerts to managers. This will be based on conversations happening within a company to spot out what has to be addressed and when to be addressed without any second thought.

Proactively making decisions can surely save a lot of time and of course utilize the best of many valuable resources.

It is somewhat true that the HR departments are leaving some of the time consuming tasks to AI looking to streamline the tough operations and thereby enhance workplace efficiency.

Even surveys have pointed out that HR professionals believe that AI can transform their talent acquisition in some way or the other. Streamlining of day to day operations, round the clock support, and performance management has made the technology more relevant and widely accepted in comparatively a short time. 

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Instead of thinking AI as some alien that has come to steal their role in the near future, HR departments have warm welcomed it and are utilizing its features and options to improve their quality of work.

Moreover, as professionals work more closely with AI, they are exploring more and more options and potential of the technology. This is giving a clear hint of future HR being a working partnership of machines and human brilliance.