Employee absenteeism, payroll calculation and fake attendance are problems that take away lot of time from an HR’s work day. Time spent on tallying attendance, checking for proxy and matching leave with payroll can be saved by a good attendance tracking system for your employees.

But what is a good attendance tracking system. Does your current system have any faults that are causing problems?

Let’s look at the features a good attendance tracking system should have. This will help you to upgrade your current system or get a new one.

What should a Good Attendance Tracking System Have?

Minimum Hardware Requirement

A good attendance tracking system should have minimum hardware requirement. With cloud solutions and a smartphone in every employee’s hand there is no need to spend money on expensive biometric trackers and other equipment.

Attendance trackers also need maintenance and have failure someday despite it. Having an attendance tracking software that runs with employee smartphone and on cloud is the solution you should look for.

This will need no investment and also reduce wait time in front of RFID machines as each employee has his own tracker now.

Ability to Track Productivity Time Accurately

It is difficult to track working hours where the trackers only marks punch-in time. There is no way to know whether the employee left right after punching in.

Even if punch-out time is tracked, things like forgetting to mark attendance, leaving without punching make it difficult to record the productive hours spent by employee. Cases of absenteeism can increase in such a scenario.

For this reason an ideal attendance system should track the actual time spent by an employee in the office. This is possible today and wifi attendance system uses the office wifi to track hours spent in office along with employee location.

Prohibit Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a practice that is very harmful for your business as well as your work culture. It is very easy for employees to mark attendance for their colleagues with RFID tags or manual desktop log-ins.

Biometric prevents this problem but has its own set of limitations. With a wifi technology this is taken care of as attendance can only be marked in area which has office wifi.

Work with your HRMS

A professional attendance tracking system should integrate with your HRMS. Without this payroll calculation, leave management, productivity tracking as become a frustrating task.

You want system that automatically feeds in this data into HRMS so that you don’t have to do it manually. Also check that data formats are compatible.

A lot of tasks can be automated today and HR should take full advantage to technology so that they can concentrate on strategic work.

Customized Alerts

You may need customised alerts or reports according to your business and teams. This could customise alerts for late arrivals to team supervisors. Sales and on- site workers may also need customization.

You may want to customize your attendance tracking as your business operation and employee count grows. Attendance tracking system should be able to scale with your business and change according to your needs. Some systems also support web API that allow you to customize your attendance systems.

Error Free Functioning

Errors in attendance tracking can interfere with so many other HR activities. Downtime of attendance tracking means regularisation of attendance, changes in leave management and errors in payroll calculation.

Make sure you choose a professional vendor with reputation of minimal errors.

Final Thoughts

Good attendance tracking system is essential for maximizing employee productivity. Without it your company can face problems of absenteeism, low productivity and insincere employees affecting the culture of your company.

Thanks to wifi attendance technology you can now install an attendance system that requires minimal hardware investment, tracks location and prevents proxy marking.

When choosing a system always make sure that it integrates well with your current HRMS, can grow with your business and functions error free.