15 Corporate Companies With Best Employee Wellness Program

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July 19, 2019 Wifi Attendance Super Admin

With so much work pressure upon the employees, it is essential that corporate offices create corporate wellness programs that help cultivate a prudent work culture.

Instead of giving them reimbursements, gym memberships, and health scans, companies should help design more creative corporate wellness methods to help their staff members. They need to focus on a corporate fitness system that genuinely makes them engage in the programs at their own will.

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When people do things without being forced, then they end up showing better results. It even motivates them to perform better at the company.

Thus, here is a list of companies that involve in unique fitness programs for the betterment of their employees and overall productivity.

Looking at their corporate routines may give you the inspiration to try a similar technique with your employees as well.

1. Fitbit

FitbitCompanies With Best Employee Wellness Program

Besides having an incredible internal corporate wellness program, this company also upgrades the power of the fitness trackers to create some of the most compelling programs which have the potential of saving expenses in medical cost.

Thirty of the Fortune 500 companies also participate in this program.

As per Amy McDonough, the VP and GM for Fitbit Wellness, they work with their clients to build a perfect solution suiting their needs. They bring the excitement of the consumer to the market place and program management.

Fitbit has completed eight years of its presence in the market collaborated with many departments ranging from B2B marketing to management, including business developments and customer support as well. As per McDonough, this is for merging the program in the general office culture.


The tracker is used as a motivator as a part of reward programs, and the dashboard of the Fitbit contains aggregate data to track the calories, distance, sleeping hour’s, steps, etc.

Besides, the employee who runs a million step challenges is eligible for a more deductible health plan. This program resulted in several achievements such as 23,000 employees crossing 23 billion steps and creating a milestone of 4.4 miles per member per day in an office. Therefore improving their health conditions and making them fit too.

Rewards for every employee can even be some exciting incentives or a choice to make a donation to welfare.

However, merging fitness into office culture is what the aim of the company and thus special days like Workout Wednesday help in surpassing the preset milestone by others.

2. Union Pacific


Plenty of people tend to smoke cigarettes even at companies. This can affect the non-smokers as they become passively addicted to the smoke. You may be aware that passive smoking is quite fatal, even more than active ones as the non-filtered smoke exhaled by smokers is inhaled by the passive ones.

To overcome this health issue, corporate wellness companies like Union Pacific have created cessation programs for helping their employees quit smoking as much as possible.

They were able to do it with the help of professional pharmacists, who coached the smokers to reduce the habit. The method gained popularity and has since helped the company employees stop their habit of smoking by over 30%.

3. Houston Methodist


It is the most successful Fitbit enrolled corporate wellness company that is also the most renowned Texas Medical center widespread on seven different locations around Houston.

The Method of the company is aimed at keeping the employees healthy and thus supplies over 11,000 devices to over 4000 employees and is also syncing their data every month.

It is a well-known fact that the hospital system has health as its priority, which is why the staff of the company is separated into different tracks.

These include pregnant women, nicotine positive persons, healthy employees, etc., which simplifies the tailoring process of the wellness program.

However, employees can earn upto $520 on an annual basis after the track completion by using Fitbit fitness wearable watches.

The program from Fitbit also helped in creating some new competitions on steps from employee to employee, which also made the CEO of the companies for walking with the staff.

On the other hand, on several programs like National walking day and “Pick up your pace” program announced extra credits for the employees just because of Fitbits.

Using Fitbit not only improves health and fitness but also increases social interactions with even CEOs. As a result, the company has gone up in the fortune ranking, making it the best company to work for.

4. Facebook


A prudent way of adding fitness in the lives of employees in companies, transit options can also be targeted. That is exactly what Facebook’s Palo Alto branch is doing.

They have started bike sharing fitness programs that let employees travel around the branch campus on bikes.

This has not only helpd the staff stay healthy and fit, but also collaborated in reducing air and noise pollution to clean the environment.

5. Google


Google is one of the best companies in terms of fitness control in its employees. It has different props in its campus too, like slides and stairs instead of lifts, ping pong tables and LEGO stations too that can improve the fitness level of the staff to a great extent.

People and innovation lab in Google is renowned all over the world, which is aimed at conducting research and development within its own working staff.

Google has also invested in some unique ways to improve the health of the staff such as Googlers to Googlers education program in which employees of Google teach several classes like public speaking, kickboxing and parenting too.

The renowned book called “Search Inside Yourself” which was written by one of the engineers in the company depicts the level of the program that Google has taken to.

6. Motley Fool


This company has more fun in working due to the innovative wellness programs created for the employees like free spinning classes and boot camps etc.

As per the CEO, the wellness programs have bought all the employees together to collaborate in the fitness classes.

One of the staff members of the company was also rewarded for her excellent innovation in creating various themes and challenges for the staff.

Active April was also one such creation where all the staff members meet to do some active workouts like pushups and to walk around the office.

As per Whiteside, people often get tired by the same regular work, which is why every month was themed with different challenges to make them quite exciting.

Besides, all those exciting activities, employees also get a personal training session with Whiteside. This boosts them up to work with more efficiency.

The company offers 50% reimbursements to the employees who are ready to participate in any kind of race, which is picked up by Whiteside.

This keeps the employees engaged in stuff that they were once not interested at all. At present, the wellness of the company is around 86%, but Whiteside wants to raise it to 100%.

It is the leading most company that promotes green and sustainable world, and thus it is also trying to reflect the same theme in the office community as well.

Moreover, it has an organic fruit and vegetable garden in every facility from which employees can also eat.

A new innovation as a part of a corporate wellness program is RE-Parties in which employees can sway their clothes as well as household items.

More than all those features, the company will help pay for an environment-friendly car to the employees and the employee who chooses to transfer closer to the office to reduce carbon in the air receive $1000 too.

7. Mobify


Besides fitness, a good corporate fitness program will also ensure mindfulness for the employees. Mobify is one of such companies that have added yoga classes to their corporate activities.

These classes are carried by them two times in a week. The place that they choose for their classes for employees is also strategically located on rooftops with beautiful oceanic view.

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Yoga can have drastic effects if the chosen place is harmonious to the activity. Doing it in a closed conference room of a company may not have that much impact. And, Mobify is wise enough to keep that in mind while starting this fitness routine for its employees.

8. Zappos


Zappos is the renowned online retailer which is often praised for its wellness programs like gym memberships, fitness classes for free, reimbursements for marathons as well as nap rooms.

As per the corporate wellness coordinator of the company, people should participate in such stereotypical exercises with their interest realizing the benefits.

Wellness Adventures is one of the newer initiatives in which a small group of employees will be taken away from their desk to involve in golf lessons, laser tags or trampoline.

The basketball game is also organized in March, which gets the people out of their departments. Recess Tuesdays is also a good initiative where a number of toys are brought for people to play.

9. Bandwidth


Fitness of the body and soul also depends on the way one eats and spends time. Most corporate firms offer a half an hour lunch break to their employees.

As the time is less, employees may feel like consuming fast food, etc., to cope with the limited time. Plus, this can also frustrate them as they do not have much time for relaxing themselves after an arduous working session.

That is where Bandwidth has created a plan for its employees to provide them with a 90-minute lunch break. That much time feels enough to help employees enjoy healthy meals, try recreation activities, or even take a small nap if they want to.

It has greatly helped the company’s employees feel less frustrated, thus increasing the overall productivity of the company.

10. Draper. Inc.


This company was voted the healthiest workplace in America by providing all the required tools for the employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

There is also a Wellness park in the property of Draper that contains workout station, table tennis, and volleyball courts and many more. A monthly newsletter is also created by the wellness coordinator Linda Brinson called “Wellness Superheroes”.

The employees of this company are also allowed to participate in some challenges such as 10-week weight loss and “Dump your Plump” where winners can also win gift cards.

11. Accenture


Being the leading most business consultant company, it also cares about the body and minds of the employees and thus offers a wide range of employee assistance programs.

An additional program through which an employee can ask the physician about any health-related problems is also conducted to ensure the wellness of the employees. Online fitness programs, free gym sessions, etc. are also provided in Accenture for employees.

12. Asana


Asana helps its employees to balance their life with works and thus takes many initiatives such as nap rooms, daily yoga, and a free gym, etc. in the software company.

Healthy and organic food are also supplied to the employees by the culinary team services, which are also accompanied by monthly health-related workshops.

13. Intuit


Fit for life program of Intuit offers different classes, meditation and reimbursable expenses for employees to help them balance their work with health.

A wide range of mindful resources is also provided by the company in its online websites, which can be checked by their employees.

14. Microsoft


Microsoft is well known for its incredible health maintenance steps for the corporate wellness of the employees which also includes weight management, smoking cessations, fitness training, etc. free gym memberships, free funding for tools related to fitness are some incredible offerings.

Heart disease screenings, onsite walking, running tracks and a wide variety of health care services are also offered by Microsoft that ensures good health and extreme fitness level of the employees.

Real easy wellness and Know your number programs are the most popular programs all around the world that inspires other companies too.

15. SAS


The headquarters of SAS has its own onsite fitness center with a health care center too that boosts its employees to be engaged in fitness besides working.

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The well-organized displays, open office layout and wide range of educational programs to balance the lifestyle of every employee are provided here.


Investing your time on fitness and health programs for your company can help in rejuvenating your employees so that they can work more efficiently.