Most businesses focus on external growth and ignore the aspect of time and attendance management. An outdated attendance monitoring system that cannot accommodate flexible options and is difficult to use can negatively impact the growth of the company and its bottom line.

A business can be successful only when its managers look at the big picture. While sales are important, business owners must not ignore the development of efficient systems. HR and other internal teams must be able to productively coordinate and complete their tasks.

Here are 5 must –have features of an employee attendance app

1. Clocking In and Out

The most obvious feature, to begin with, is the ability to clock in and out. Employees must be able to record their working hours with the help of the app. Depending on the employee attendance app you choose, this feature may have its own style of use.

In certain apps, employees can remotely mark their time and attendance. In case of others, the employee needs to be in office wifi connectivity range.

2. Flexible Schedule Options

Some organizations allow flexible schedule options. This means that employees can start and end their day at different times. Time and attendance apps must be able to mark and monitor the working hours of employees accordingly.

A feature incorporating the different schedules and rosters must be inbuilt for improved functionality. This feature is a lot of times equipped with the option for notifications and alerts.

3. Management of Absenteeism

An employee attendance app must monitor absenteeism as well. Employee absence could be because of sickness, vacation or holidays, or paid leaves. In either case, the HR team must be able to track who’s in, who’s out, who is working overtime, and what are the allowances to be set for each.

4. Payroll Management

The process of payroll is automated in most organizations today. An integrated employee attendance app must seamlessly generate attendance data. This data is essential for calculations of payroll cycle, salary, and other benefits.

If your employee attendance app and payroll module are not appropriately integrated, you are missing out on these advantages.

In the absence of an integrated HRMS, chances of data loss in between the different steps are high. This is because different people are managing different activities from timekeeping to payroll.

An automated process ensures that information is at all times available to the employee, the Human Resources team, and the managers.

5. Mobile

The workforce today is generally scattered. They are working in the field, in the office premises, or even from home. An employee attendance module must have a mobile version that allows employees to remotely clock in and out, managing the number of hours the whole workforce has operated for.

This also includes data from those who are not on the premises. Some employee attendance apps also provide GPS tracking system keeping location monitoring and worker safety in mind.

One of the popular employee attendance apps that fulfill all features giving you the ability to manage your employee productivity better is Wi-Fi Attendance apps.

These apps are efficient solutions with all the necessary features to help you track your employees. There are two versions of the mobile app along with a web version.

1. Employee Attendance App

The app is for employees making it easier for them to mark attendance. All that employees need is an office wifi connectivity range. This feature ensures that any kind of fraudulent activities are eliminated and right tracking and monitoring of employees can be recorded.

2. HR App

This is for HR professionals. It makes their work efficient and allows them to make decisions on the go. Not just that, professionals can also focus more on strategic workforce instead of administrative work.

The web version offered for Wi-Fi Attendance apps has more features as compared to the mobile version. This can be accessed by both the employees and the HR teams.

Its dashboard is user-friendly and there are features for managing leaves, attendance, time, team preferences and more. Check out more details about the apps here.