The organizations are looking beyond just phone calls and emails for effective communication within the team and clients.

The advancement in technology is offering a lot of options to take the communication to the next level and make the collaboration more efficient, dynamic, and engaging.

A lot of tools are available at the moment for enhancing the in house office communication and to tackle the communication with the remote teams connecting from across the globe.

Of course, new technology demands a lot of learning to use such tools which might be a headache for beginners.

However, there are some advanced learning tools that give importance to user convenience and have a minimal learning curve.

Here we have put up a list of some of the most advanced but user friendly employee communication apps that can take the productivity to a more impressive level.

1. WiFi Attendance


This tool was basically designed an attendance tool for helping employees to clock-in and out through their phones, but the latest rendition of this app has all the features of a communication app.

It is powered with considerably prominent features like notifications, announcements, document sharing thus making it more than just an attendance and leave management app.

2. Slack


This is in fact a next-generation management system. Its communication style covers a range of options like messages, files, comments, videos, audios and even automatic notifications.

Unlike other tools, the speciality of Slack is its internal help robot, Slackbot that guides you through every process and enables you to instantly program automatic responses.

3. Ryver


It is a free team communication tool which unites a team of any size easily. It features unlimited data storage and premium service can be accessed for free in first two weeks.

You can connect to more than 500 apps as it can be easily integrated with Zapier. Other pros include unlimited message history and built in task management.

4. Smartsheet


This is an extremely powerful but a simple communication tool for office communication. Apart from basic communication, the tool can offer a helping hand with scheduling, resource management, file-sharing, task allocation and even sale tracking.

Easy and consistent communication is the key as it lets you share anything across mobiles and desktops. The employees are easily connected to any updates or changes through customizable alerts.

5. Microsoft Lync


This awesome tool from Microsoft lets you efficiently communicate with clients through chats and instant messaging. Microsoft Lync can be integrated with other Microsoft tools (including Skype) thus enabling flawless communication through a quality platform.


6. Biba


It is renowned as an all-in-one mobile communication tool that can take your office communication to a different level.

A lot of communication areas such as conference calling, business messaging, video conferencing and online meetings all from one place can be managed with this app.

It is even backwards compatible with a local dial-in phone connection. The tool can offer desktop screen-sharing options and comes with a one-click group chat feature.

7. VeriShow


This awesome tool comes with almost all options expected out of a comprehensive communication tool. It features online communication options like file sharing, video conferencing, chat, voice, whiteboard and screen-sharing.

It even allows live annotation capabilities. Its customer-facing features make it an ideal tool for team meetings. As this is a web based app, downloading it in your device is not a concern.

8. Skype


The app’s business version comes with powerful video and audio call functionality. The Skype for business communication tool allows real time collaboration for up to 250 people. The innovative radical redesign allows storage up to 1TB. It features integration with Microsoft Office 365 apps.


9. Yammer


It serves the need of a full-service private social network which can easily connect decision makers and employees of all levels within the organization.

The tool promotes flexible collaboration with advanced knowledge sharing. Yammer can be easily integrated with Skydrive, SharePoint and Skype and helps with seamless sharing across teams.

It offers assistance for clearer communication with notes and comments and the contents are easily searchable.


10. eXo Platform


This open source social solution can be an asset for your office communication. The app can be customized to meet the particular needs of an organization.

The stress-free collaboration is the key speciality of the app and it enables the team to use productivity tools set as well as generate and share files and polls.

11. Campfire


This web-based communication tool has taken team communication to the next level through password protected group chats.

Any vendor, colleague or client can be invited to join this chat and take part in the group communication. During communication, one can share text, file and code to convey the matters clearly. Unlike other apps, account setting has not many hassles.

12. CardBoard


This communication app is known for its unique visual approach which is both engaging and intuitive. Easily collaborating with anyone with an email id is possible through this app.

It even serves the role of a work flow manager and online whiteboard and allows collaboration on story mapping.

13. StaffConnect


The internal communication within the team can be made easy and efficient through this professional app. The colleagues can be connected easily through this app as it encourages two-way dialogues.

The news can be delivered and broadcasted and the managers can easily share any data or updates in the form of texts, images and videos.

14. Stride


It is a novel team communication app which is an ideal option to organize company workflows. It features 10 integrations, 5GB storage and allows up to 25K messages.

The usage simplicity is the key for stride and team communication is allowed in private and public rooms. Stride provides audio and video call features and the workflow can be managed well with ‘Actions’ and ‘decisions’.


15. Twoodo


Organizing and streamlining team communication has taken to a different range with Twoodo by using the power of hashtags.

It comes with a Twitter-like interface and conversations within team can be made effective by integrating tasks, reminders and events.

The posts are shareable and searchable and easy integration with Skype, DropBox, and BitBucket enables comprehensive communication from a single place.

16. Flock


This is an awesome team communication app that features multiple integrations, instant messaging and built in to dos.

By integrating with, you can even make audio and video calls with your team. Even its Freemium plan is limited with 10K message history.

The other highlighted features include deep integration with Google Drive and inbuilt polls.

17. Fuze


A comprehensive and effective internal communication environment can be triggered through Fuze app. You can connect with the team easily through video conferencing and HD video calls.

The app’s features make it easy to set up a meeting with the team almost instantly. You may even integrate it with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Lync and Box for a better usage experience.

18. Bluebeam Revu


This amazing app enables users to collaborate on PDF markup, by editing tasks and making comments. The app allows real-time communication which makes the collaboration on design approval process easy and flawless.

It is considered as a major time-saver for project coordinators. Its key features include intuitive controls, simple menus, and easy document comparison.

19. Redbooth


It is a comprehensive app that is designed to improve team communication and easily transit the project management activities.

It comes with a chat room and provides options for file sharing, HD video calls, text documents, charts, and reports.

The project task and chats can be merged to trigger quality communication among employees and they will always be up to date.


20. Glip


Everyday activities of an employee in an organization can be effectively handled with Glip. This is designed for seamless communication and collaboration which can be handled through notes, calendar, tasks, to-do lists, and chats.

The app can save your time which you spend for checking emails in the middle of your work. It comes with built-in video calling functionality and connecting on the go with co-workers and clients is really easy.

21. Bitrix24


The small enterprises as well as start-ups can make use of this communication app. It is a lot easy to use and up to date with user friendly features.

Its ability to create plans is what makes it special among similar office communication tools.

22. BlogIn


BlogIn is an effective internal communication tool; think of it is a platform to exchange ideas with each idea, to share feedbacks and even peer review concepts.

Essentially, it is a platform which employees and team members can use to keep themselves informed, to communicate ideas and concepts with the whole team and centralize information resources, as applicable to a project in a single platform for ease of use.

23. Trello


You can use Trello to keep track of the progress made by your team, review their work and even monitor their performance in real time.

It should be pointed out that all the tasks on Trello come with additional features such as file uploads, comments, checkboxes and much more.

24. EXo platform


EXo platform is an open source social solution that you can utilize to streamline your team’s performance.

This app enables you to share files, polls with others in your team, instantly communicate with others and even share ideas and feedback with the rest of the team.

Best of all, you can customize this app to suit the needs of the team and that of your company.

25. Hipchat


Hipchat allows you to chat instantly with the rest of your team and you can also use the app for private chats – but other than this, the app also makes it possible for you to make HD video calls, transfer large amounts of data without any hassle, and secure gated access and much more.

It comes with a reasonable price tag and there is a free option as well – just what every small enterprise or startup needs.

26. Wrike


Wrike is an easy to use platform that you can use to collaborate with others, share files, hold discussions, and even assign tasks.

What’s more, anyone can communicate with others on any aspect of the project, share their thoughts, feedback and this should definitely help your team perform better in the long run.

Additionally, you can use this platform to assign tasks and monitor the progress on the same, to date.


Have a look into these amazing office communication tools whenever you are looking to find a solution to the collaboration concerns.

The right use of these tools can take your business to the next level as proper communication within and outside team is the key for progress.

These tools can not only enhance the productivity but also boosts up the overall efficiency, employee morale, and customer experience.

However, the organizations have to make sure that the right tools are chosen which exactly meets their actual purpose.

If you choose a tool of advanced level but with complex features, make sure that you give proper training to make its usage comfortable for the team.