How to Encourage and Inspire Employee Motivation

employee motivation
May 2, 2018 Wifi Attendance Super Admin

While the actual outcome and revenue are important, the efficiency and performance of a manager can be evaluated by the morale of his or her team members. Do the employees feel satisfied, motivated, and happy? If yes, it means that they have a good manager.

But how do you encourage and inspire employees? How do you motivate them to perform their best each day? Not sure? Don’t worry. We’ve listed out five ways by which you can ensure that your employees remain inspired and motivated.

Show your trust

One of the most important and impactful ways of inspiring your employees is by demonstrating that you have faith in their skills and abilities. This can be done by assigning challenging tasks and giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills.

As a result, employees will feel that you trust them and will remain motivated to do their best.
If managers micromanage their employees and constantly interfere at every step, chances that employees try something new are low.

In fact, this makes them nervous. Let them take certain decisions and accept more responsibilities and watch how they rise to the occasion.

Offer Rewards

When employees do a good job, incentivize them with a prize. This way they are more likely to perform well again and earn the coveted reward. Rewards and appreciation, after all, are one of the oldest, tried and tested ways of patting someone’s back psychologically.

Incentives don’t necessarily need to be monetary in nature. They can be a free lunch, movie tickets, gift cards, event passes or even an afternoon off.

Care for their future

Employees love it when you invest and offer assistance to them in small ways such as a mentoring program, training course, on-the-job coaching etc.

This imparts a clear message that you are worried about their career and their future. In certain organizations, periodic meetings are conducted to evaluate the career path a particular employee is on and how they can remain on track.

Apart from skill improvement and knowledge enhancement, investment in employee career ensures that the employees are interested to stay in your organization for long.

They feel that you give them the opportunity to develop and improve and therefore do not search for a better offer. As employees learn and grow, your company also touches new heights.

Add a purpose

Every individual likes it when their work is valued. No matter what the task and what the position of the employee, show them that the work they do matters. Tell them how their work is beneficial for the company and what the results of their work are. This helps to boost their morale and increase motivation levels.

Placing an emphasis on the contribution every employee makes and giving them the due credit for their work acts as a positive reinforcement improving levels of confidence. Employees remain active and passionate about working hard.

Make them participate in big decisions

Employees get discouraged when they see that they are not involved in essential company decisions. It gives them the feeling of not being wanted and being unimportant.

What can you do to avoid this? Ask employees for their inputs and opinions. When you ask them for an input, they get a sense of attachment making them feel like they belong to the company.

This, in combination with employee investment, recognition of employee contribution and other factors will help to establish loyalty making them work harder for you.

Today’s market is highly competitive and people are constantly looking for opportunities to switch jobs. This means employee turnover can be an aspect of attention. However, you can overcome this challenge by emphasizing on engagement and training with employees.

You can keep your employees inspired and motivated, which further leads to a solid basis for employee growth.