15 Ways to Get Free WiFi Anywhere Around You

September 20, 2018 Wifi Attendance Super Admin

Are you looking for a way to connect your mobile to the internet even when you have stepped out of house or travelling?

With the increasing interest of people to always stay connected to the internet, enthusiasts have introduced many options to connect your mobiles to Wifi anywhere on the go.

The only hurdle is to know the optimal way to get free wifi anywhere you.  While most of the options are available absolutely free of cost, a few ways are bound with some friendly conditions.

Here we are trying to help you out with this hassle by introducing a list of tested and proven ways to find WiFi anywhere around you.

1. WiFi in local business

First of all, you should have a better idea about your surrounding places. Many local businesses such as shops,restaurants and certain hotel chains around you will be offering free Wifi. So have an idea about such options

2.Phone Tethering

There are options to tether your phone to get internet connectivity. If there is a friend along with you, ask them to tether the internet connection if they don’t mind. Similarly, you can keep your mobile phone prepared with an internet connection so that you can connect your laptop anywhere on the go with a tethering option.


This is an awesome website that works similar to Google Maps to point out the places where there is a free Wifi. This app automatically connects your mobile to the nearest best available network for free. It works based on the combined resources from many millions of users who have downloaded it.

4. Ask your cable company

Some cable companies will have options to provide free Wifi hotspots all around the town for their exclusive customers. So if you have an internet connection at home, better have a talk with your cable company to know if they are providing any such services.

5. Public WiFi spots

Many places such as railway stations, bus stands, airports, hospitals and parks will have free Wifi options. You can just take a halt at any of these places if you are in need of an urgent internet connection.

6. Browse right websites

If you are looking to pass the time by browsing a few sites, then local paid hotspots can be a good choice. However, this won’t give you access to the whole internet but only a selected sites.

Delta Airlines is such a good example where you can freely browse People magazine, Amazon or the Wall Street Journal on flight mode without spending a hefty sum from your pocket.

7. Use Facebook “Find WiFi”

This is another great option from the most popular social media platform. You can easily see public WiFi near you despite where you are.

Tap on the ‘more’ option after opening Facebook app on your device. There you can access the “Find WiFi” option.

8. Loyalty Programs

Some restaurants or similar hangouts will offer loyalty programs for their customers through which they can access Wifi for free.

However, they might use your email id to send deals, promotions and makes your inbox full. So have a good spam blocker before you go for such option or just keep an alternate id for such loyalty programs.

9. MAC spoofing

If you are technology savvy, you can try for free Wifi through some MAC spoofing. Most of the free Wifi sources have put a limit to the usage for certain minutes or hours. If you can do MAC spoofing, you can overcome this condition and access Wifi far more than the permitted limit.  

10. Coupons

Some websites are offering coupon codes for public through which they can get free Wifi minutes for a certain limit. Accessing such coupon codes are a lot easy than you think. So spare some time to keep a directory of such websites and earn free internet.

11. FourSquare

This local search site has a repository of places that offer free Wifi such as cafes, restaurants, bars and transportation hubs. You can access the user updates regarding these places including the Wifi details. You just need to Google for ‘wifi <place> foursquare despite your location.

12. Find hidden networks

Some places that offer Wifi keep that under hidden status due to privacy concerns. These options won’t pop up when you look for Wifi through normal search. But there are many apps that are now available for iOS and Android platforms to trace out even the hidden networks in case you can’t find out any.

13. Join a community

Another option is to join an online community which provides a list of Wi-Fi connections and passwords and you have the privilege of accessing it from a single convenient location. Instabridge is such a community which even offers passwords for secured locations in addition to free locations.

14. Rent Travel WiFi

This is not a free option but you can get value Wifi usage for the money you have spent. Also you will have to adjust the drawbacks such as slow connection speeds, small download limits, unreliable security, and other travellers sharing the signal.

TravelWifi.com is an exception where you can access fast and reliable internet from your pocket without the need for an expensive travel router or a change in the cell phone plan.

15. Hacking

Last but not the least, hacking into any favourite Wifi hot spot can be an option. However, it is illegal and so it is not recommended.

But if you are in danger or a serious situation and you need an internet connection to get some help, you can consider this as an option if everything else fails.

These awesome options can be a great help for Wifi lovers to connect to the world at their finger tips whenever desired.

You may also keep a check list of these options with you to help out your friends who are badly looking for ways to get Wifi outside their house.

With a few tricks and tips on your pocket, finding free WiFi is a lot easy than ever before.

At the same time, just keep a careful check on the fake WiFi options that may tempt you but might land you into trouble.