Absence of a documented procedure for leave management can cause businesses more than just loss of capital. Lack of validation of acquired leaves is an important element of data that helps to understand the current scenario and affects imminent scheduling and other decision making in terms of human resource. 

Companies that do manage to keep tab of employee absenteeism but are at the mercy of paper trails get penalized for maintaining incomplete or distorted records.

Hence it is important that they resort to automated means of leave management to safeguard the credibility of the firm and dodge unnecessary trouble caused due to poor leave management.

Inadequate leave management can have serious impacts on your business. Have a look:

1. Manpower crunch during important deadlines

2. Legal problems due to Non-compliance to employee leave policy

3. Worker compensation penalties if employees are over worked and call sick

4. Financial liabilities of unused leaves

5. Impeding Employee productivity

6. Discouraged employee morale due to lack of leave management

6 ways how poor Leave management impacts business