Every individual might be different in their mental structure and ideologies. But when you are looking at a generation exposed to similar conditioning, there are evident traits that fall beyond the rules of idiosyncrasy.   

In case of a Millennial it is vitamin T! T for technology.

Given the fact that they bloom well in the presence of technology, they also think along the same lines when it comes to choosing a workplace.

If you believe you can treat a millennial employee just like the way you deal with Baby Boomers, you need to think again!

With the world being more connected in the present age, ambitions have evolved to become more purpose centric and not just some means to accumulate wealth. Millennial workforce craves a culture rich work environment!

And Brands are yearning for millennial attention.

Here is how you can tweak your work culture to meet millennial standards.

Managing Millennials At Workplace