What are the New Trends in Time and Attendance Systems

New Trends in Time and Attendance Systems
March 16, 2018 Wifi Attendance Super Admin

In these days for a business to thrive, they should be updated with new technologies. Many businesses fail as they don’t track their employees’ working hours or some use outdated time and attendance monitoring systems that may lack on many areas. This may cause serious losses in the form of employee overpayment, time loss in the administrative and managerial areas.

So companies need to keep an eye on current and upcoming trends in time and attendance monitoring systems and implement those on their business to achieve success.

Below mentioned are some important key trends that are currently redefining the whole concept of employee time and attendance monitoring systems.

1. Automated Time Tracking

Automated time tracking is a new way of system which operates based on cloud, which can offer real-time access to data. This in turn can offer employees a sophisticated and user-friendly way rather than outdated time tracking process. Automated systems offer employee dashboards and versatile punch in ways, together with the options to punch in via employee’s smart phones or tablet devices.

2. WiFi-Enabled Attendance Tracking

WiFi-enabled attendance tracking systems will be able to support record keeping of large number of employees’ time and attendance. This system leverages biometric technology that helps to guarantee accuracy of time punching. This in turn will promote larger potency and accuracy. You can check more details here.

3. Tablet Kiosk App

Some companies make use of tablet kiosk application. Through tablet kiosk application, employees can easily clock in and out using their Apple mobile devices; a perfect resource for folks on the move.

With its increased practicality and sleek computer program,employers are able to track real-time productivity of their employees. Also, it can enhance productivity of employees and also can improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

4. Biometric Kiosk

Biometric Kiosk is an android based touch screen system. It permits staff to verify work schedules, review their time schedules and also can request time off. In some of the version, staff will be simply able to scan present job listings and different options.

Like different biometric devices, now employers don’t have to be compelled to fret about incidents of buddy punching or time theft. Fingerprint readers and different varieties of authentication will facilitate in eliminating misconduct associated with time and attendance.

5. Advanced Scheduling Modules

Scheduling also takes place through cloud based software. Advanced scheduling modules offer businesses larger visibility and flexibility in managing schedules of employees. Schedules are often digitally monitored on a weekly basis by employee group with pre-defined capability necessities per worker shift.

In addition to that, staff can clearly offer their availability to supervisors and will be able to receive email notifications based on changed shift schedules in real time; creating things easier in terms of coming up with plans and stick on to commitments in employee’s personal lives.

6. Mobile Time sheets

It is now completely a forgotten story of signing time sheets or manually entering the attendance. Mobile time sheets software which can be downloaded as an application to your tablet or other mobile devices; allows employees to access their time sheets online. Employers can use this information to process payroll, record-keeping and also the ability to closely track the employee attendance.

As we have now got an idea about new trends in time and attendance systems. Here are some reasons why you should be investing in a new time and attendance monitoring system:

1.Saves money
2.Reduction in errors
3.Improved accuracy
4.Saves time
5.Enforcing company policies and legal compliance
6.Easy management of working hours
7.Easy schedule and shift management
8.Quick and accurate reports

Final thoughts

The above mentioned are some of the awesome features that are making time and attendance monitoring system industry simple and integrated. As the process of time and attendance system is not easy, needs and requirements have to be well defined to be included on the software and also changes have to be integrated into the system for effective tracking of your employees’ time and attendance.

Make sure that you have software that can perfectly fulfil your organizational needs. If you are looking for a suitable time and attendance system, we can help you with that. Please share your thoughts with us.