In this digital era, kids are more into electronic gadgets and the possibilities of internet than mere outdoor games like in the past. Kids are spending most of their free time with their gadgets.

Parents however, are worried about the hidden troubles that come if their routines are left unmonitored. That is when the advanced parental control apps can play their role.

 A lot of advanced apps for android, iOS and cross platforms are now available for parents to ease off their headache.

These parental control apps come with lots of interesting features and options like monitoring their activities, limiting their screen time and even locating the device. Let us have a look at some of the best parental control apps of the year.

Best Parental Control Apps

FamilyTime ScreenTime Net Nanny Boomerang Qustodio
Safe Lagoon Locategy Kaspersky Safe Kids Mobicip Norton Family Premier
Netsanity MMGuardian SecureTeen Kidslox  FamiSafe
Safe Family OurPact Mobistealth Pumpic Kid’s Shell
ESET Kids Zone Kiddie Parental Control Kids Place Astraler Family GPS Tracker

1. FamilyTime

This awesome app is the best choice for parents to customize the gadgets for their kids with controls for type of content, screen time, track location and a lot more.

  • Block unwanted site categories with web blocker
  • Manage Limits option lets you to set a flexible schedule for app usage
  • View detailed and actionable reports
  • Web control panel lets parents control everything remotely.
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

2. ScreenTime

Parents can make use of this efficient and user friendly app to control and manage the amount of time spent by kids on phones and tablets.

Parents can easily limit kids’ daily device use, approve new apps, block specific apps and block particular times of day.

  • Efficiently block web content inappropriate for your children
  • Family Location Tracking lets you track your child always
  • Receive notifications when kids access any inappropriate content or app
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

3. Net Nanny

Parents can use this excellent app to protect kids from dangers online with proper visibility to track the online and app activity of kids in real-time.

  • Receive instant reporting of internet searches
  • Get instant alerts if your child views inappropriate content on web
  • Customized way of monitoring and appropriate filtering
  • Enhance child safety with family locator
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

4. Boomerang

This excellent parental control application is a comprehensive solution for parents to set appropriate screen time and relevant boundaries for kid’s mobile usage. The app even promotes conversations with kids regarding ideal device usage, bad apps, good apps, web browsing, and more.

  • App lets you control and monitor the apps your kids install and use
  • Flexible Screen Time lets you set daily device time limits and schedules
  • Set device downtime at bedtime
  • Receive reports on viewed videos and search history
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

5. Qustodio

This is one of the best parental control apps with customization options and a dash board to monitor activities of any connected device. Unlike other apps, this user-friendly and efficient app even works on Kindle or Nook devices.

  • Comes with quick setup instructions
  • Track and block calls and monitor SMS messages
  • Receive automatic daily activity reports
  • Set device Screen Time limits
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

6. Safe Lagoon

The application comes with an intelligent real-time content filtering system which is capable of monitoring every website your child visits.

  • Features real time remote management
  • View and keep track of social network activity
  • Manage screen time by browser or device
  • Find your child’s location with Family GPS Tracking
  • Can easily lock or block apps and games
  • Monitor instant messaging and calls and get alerts
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

7. Locategy

This brilliant app lets parents to make sensible controls of their kid’s activities in phones while letting them enjoy the benefits of today’s mobile lifestyle.

  • Track your children’s location at any time
  • Parents can receive reports of kid’s mobile activities on their phone
  • Location alerts lets parents to get alerts when kids reach particular locations
  • Limit individual application usage time to avoid distractions during studies
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

8. Kaspersky Safe Kids

The app provides a lot more than standard parental control by letting you manage device and app use, block nasty content, and track suspicious online behaviour instantly.

  • Locate your kids on a map and provide a safe area for them
  • Set screen time limits and block harmful sites
  • Get timely advice from child psychologists
  • Lets you to even monitor the battery level on devices
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

9. Mobicip

This interesting application is trusted by millions of families over a decade to manage, supervise and protect the kid’s mobile usage.

  • Effortlessly manage screen time with allowed & blocked time slots
  • Lock devices instantly for Family Time
  • Easily limit screen time, manage apps, and track location
  • Dynamic internet filter scans websites in real-time to ensure web safety
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

10. Norton Family Premier

This amazing application is ideal for today’s hyper-connected kids which allow parents to make web a safer place for kids to spend their free time.

  • Efficiently blocks harmful or inappropriate sites
  • Schedule screen time limits to balance time spent online
  • Flags unsafe behaviour allowing parents to discuss it with kids
  • Get detailed reports on kid’s mobile activities in your parent portal
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps - App Store

11. Netsanity

This wonderful app lets parents to make customizable rules for kids when using their iOS and Samsung Android devices.

  • Easily block over 50 most misused kids apps at a stretch
  • Instantly filter website content and block 50 common categories with a swipe
  • Set up restrictions for camera, browser, app downloads when needed
  • Simply enable and disable your custom “”Digital Timeout” remotely
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

12. MMGuardian

This amazing app for iOS and Android helps parents to set up comprehensive parental controls on kid’s phones and tablets.

MMGuardian-Parental Control Apps
  • Monitor and block text messages and picture messages
  • Protects your child from cyber bullying and sexting
  • Receive specific alerts for content with cyberbullying, violence and suicidal thoughts
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

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13. SecureTeen

This all-in-one solution lets parents to keep an eye on their kids by managing online activities, limiting screen time and take an extra step by tracking locations.

  • Set a daily time limit on device usage or particular apps
  • Online dashboard lets you manage everything remotely
  • You can protect device while making kids safe in parallel with minimal supervision
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

14. Kidslox

This is an ideal and effortless way of managing your family’s screen time. Parents can block internet, certain apps, and filter web content with ease.

  • Easily disable disruptive apps individually
  • Set up schedules for device free dinnertime, homework time, bedtime and family time
  • Filter pornography and other adult content
  • Cross-platform coverage lets you remotely control usage from other devices also
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

15. FamiSafe

This is a dedicated parental control app that lets you manage or track your child’s device location, app monitoring and blocking, geofences and a lot more.

  • Set up app usage block during study or sleep time 
  • Easily pre-block harmful content like porn or gambling websites
  • Features web content filtering and remote screen time control
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

16. Safe Family

This amazing app gives more visibility and simple controls for parents to enhance and keep up app & digital safety for kids.

  • View history about app location details, usage activity, and system alert history
  • Set a daily time limit for particular apps
  • See your kids on a live map remotely
  • Set up a device free dinnertime and study time
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

17. OurPact

This breakthrough screen time parental control app is an all in one solution for GPS locator, app blocker, website blocker, kid tracker and family locator.

  • Easily schedule screen time throughout the day or week
  • Receive alerts when new apps are installed on your kid’s device
  • Parents can locate every individual devices paired to their parent account
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

18. Mobistealth

This interesting app lets you remotely monitor and manage iOS and Android devices making it an ideal choice for parents to track kid’s activities in mobile.

  • Simple to set up and takes just a few minutes
  • Easily monitor text & calls, emails and location
  • Efficiently track and monitor social media activities
  • Features 24/7 monitoring and remote data access
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows PC and MAC
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

19. Pumpic

Parents can make use of this great app to monitor and control kid’s activities in their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

  • Block particular websites and apps
  • Monitor browsing history, social media and chats
  • Use SMS commands to control device remotely
  • All round protection using 24 useful monitoring features
  • Lock and wipe the device remotely
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

20. Kid’s Shell

This application is ideal for parents looking to provide a safe zone for their kids while using their phone by allowing only particular applications and games.

  • Features simple and intuitive design
  • Can limit screen time for kids
  • Put child’s favourite apps in one safe place
  • Needs arithmetic password to switch to a parent mode
  • Disable clicking on ads or make in-app purchases
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store

21. ESET

This amazing app is designed to manage the smartphone’s usage in a child friendly way.With lots of useful information and reminders from app, parents can warn the kids or make relevant settings changes in device.

  • Shows you the top visited websites
  • Web Guard automatically blocks gambling and pornography
  • Can set maximum usage time for the given day
  • Features child-centred interface and communication
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store

22. Kids Zone

Over 500,000 parents are successfully using this awesome app to monitor their kid’s activities on phone. It is the highest rated Android parental control & child lock app. It lets you seek controls within 30 Seconds.

  • Enforce screen-time limits
  • Blocks in-app purchases
  • Parents can easily switch to parent mode
  • Options to disable browsing the internet
  • Easily hide your personal data from kids
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store

23. Kiddie Parental Control

This is an excellent app for parents to protect the smartphone data and unwanted access by kids. 

  • Avoid installing new application by kids
  • Easily track your kid’s applications or network activities
  • Block undesired content or particular websites
  • Limits the calls duration
  • Access to the control app is secured with a code
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store

24. Kids Place

Parents can successfully manage the activity and screen time for kids on with this app. The app provides a lot of flexibility in configuring the device to make it a safe place for kids.

  • The app lets you activate Kids Place on unlimited devices
  • Parental control is secured with a PIN
  • Set a timer to limit use of device or particular apps
Best Parental Control Apps-Play Store

25. Astraler Family GPS Tracker

Life of parents is made easier with this app that lets you protect your kids on mobile devices.

  • The app lets you keep track of a child’s current location
  • Apply list of blocked websites on kid’s device
  • Push messages enable parents and kids to communicate remotely
  • SOS button enables kids to send immediate SOS alerts at times of emergency
Best Parental Control Apps-App Store

These are just a few among the many amazing parental control apps available for multiple OS platforms.

Even when the healthy amount of screen time ideal for kids is around 2 hours, kids these days are spending over 7 hours with their phone daily which is alarming.

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That is the main reason why parents are considering these apps that can give way for their children’s health and happiness.

Are you planning to install a parental control app on your kid’s phone? Then you are not alone in the list. Choose the best one with amazing features and keep your kids safe online.