Earlier, taking attendance was a huge task for everyone in an institution. But now with the introduction of online attendance software, it has become easier and manageable. Such software can be useful for tracking attendance, restricting unwanted employee movements and preventing unofficial entrants.

These software can help monitor time and attendance of office employees as well as school students. It helps keep track of human resources of your company in a convenient and economic way. By introducing an online attendance software into an institutions, you get to enjoy some pros as well as cons. Lets see what they are.

Pros of online attendance software:


Collect and store data automatically

With the help of software, data can be automatically collected and stored. Those data can later be used for calculating attendance of the employees or students. Thus attendance can be managed well.

Serve as a helping hand to administrative tasks

The software helps to cut off administrative tasks. Management of attendance is a tedious task for administration. But it becomes easier and faster by the usage of online attendance software.

Helps to eliminate errors caused by humans

Humans are prone to make errors. Some of the errors may be serious to handle. Using software, human errors can be eliminated completely.

Possible to update and maintain attendance records

It is a difficult task to update and maintain attendance manually. One can easily update and maintain attendance records with the help of software. And those records will be accurate and free from errors.

Saves money by improving employee performance and productivity

Attendance software can restrict unnecessary movements of employees. Laziness of employees can be reduced and thus helps to increase productivity. Hence software can increase profit for your organization. Productivity and employee performance is increased by the implementation of attendance software in institutions. There will be less possibility for absenteeism as well after this software is installed.

Shows accurate timings

Timing shown in software will be accurate. When attendance is taken manually, there will be inconsistency in timings. It can play a vital role in an employee’s productivity especially at the time of payroll calculation.

Simple to operate

There is no complication in operating software. No need for extra effort and learning required to handle this software. One can know the details regarding their attendance whenever they need.

Cons of online attendance software


Not effective in monitoring buddy punching

This software is not effective in monitoring buddy punching. There is a greater chance for doing malpractice here. But if there is biometric technology attached to it, it can be properly monitored.

Increased equipment expense

Organization has to spend more money on device, badges and passes. But in manual way of taking attendance, there is not much expense involved. All they require is a register and a pen to mark the attendance.

Difficult to maintain and repair

As it is a software, there is a need for proper maintenance. It is difficult to maintain and repair a software. Though it might be rare, once it is damaged, there would be expense for the sake of repairing.

System is ineffective if there is no power supply

Software becomes useless if there is no power supply. The whole system works on power. But this is not the case with the manual way of taking attendance.

Just like a coin is having two sides, each and everything in the world has negative as well as positive sides. Depending upon the requirements, each company will have different software. Only thing that can be done is to keep in mind these drawbacks and manage it well for efficient management of attendance.