It’s not always discussed, but we know that the ultimate goal of IoT is to have happy users. The IoT systems are something more than the traditional go-to solution to our problems, as they can just sniff-out the solution for you.

In recent years, there has been rise for the Rapid Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, which are already active in many sectors such as healthcare, transportation, agriculture and more.

As such, the IOT technology now facilitates automatic wireless identification using electronic tags with suitable readers. In other words, IoT uses the RFID technology to access control of a system.

wifi attendance

The purpose of using IoT based attendance system over the traditional devices is to monitor the actual in and out time of a person from any location at a given time. The system is managed using a micro controller, like a sensor, which will interact with an internet based device. (commonly the mobile devices)

This type of an automated and smart attendance system can get you ahead by organizing your internal system and saves a lot of money spent on the biometric devices and those tedious manual works. Here are 5 benefits of IOT based Smart Attendance System.

1. Decreased redundancy errors

Since the IoT system senses your presence based on an activity, the chance for human errors and redundant data is reduced. The time and attendance system based on the IoT technology has shown that 99% of data is accurate with minimal human intervention.

2. Real-time Smart Tracking

Mobiles and personal computers have been a great help to the IoT based smart attendance system. The devices can keep a good track of the location of the person checking back on the quality and viability of things around. Also, it can improve safety and quality of life.

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3. Manage huge data

More the data, difficult it is to manage and sort. With IoT based systems, the data will be well organized and easier to sort making it easier for decision making. Knowing who came in late and who worked overtime, you will have everything organized and will not have anything running out of time.

4. Increased security and confidentiality

The IoT based biometric devices give you full authentication and control with full-time security features. The data is completely digitalized and needs authentications done before anyone trying to access the records. Also, a multi-level security ensures a better hack-proof solution.

5. Reports

Well, the thing of calculations and generating reports is certainly a frustrating job for many users. With IoT based attendance system, calculating your attendance based revenues and generating reports will be much easier and fun. The amount of time it saves will have a tremendous effect on your employee satisfaction role.

Future Possibilities

Although many speak about the disadvantages of using an IoT based attendance system, the advantages it offers by saving your time and energy cannot be ignored. The concept of IoT revolves around connecting devices and physical objects to the internet so they can communicate with other similar objects without human intervention.

The smartphone cannot be called smart if it isn’t connected to the internet. Similarly, your organization cannot be termed smart if it doesn’t move the technology advancements.

New IoT technology, when used effectively, can improve employee and student engagements for a safer learning experience. Manually collecting, calculation, managing and processing data can be automated reducing a lot of human errors and cost.