Employee attendance data is used in payroll processing and therefore, it is important to maintain accuracy throughout the records.

Even though the attendance records amount to the wages, employees are often reluctant to take up the task of keeping track of employee attendance.

If you ask the reason, it is because manual attendance tracking is a herculean task and the employees are more likely to make mistakes.

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Also, who would be interested in filling up time sheets every other day and in inspecting them before sending the sheets off to the payroll department?

For accuracy to be maintained and for the huge burden of filling up timesheets and the like to be taken off the employees’ shoulders, organizations have to get rid of manual attendance tracking process. Instead, embrace a technology-based employee attendance tracking system.

That will be the first step towards implementing best practices to track employee attendance.

Here are top 6 practices that will help you to efficiently track your employee attendance:

Automate attendance tracking

Maintaining accuracy and delivering attendance records on time to calculate payroll are the toughest tasks amongst manual attendance tracking.

If the approval process of an organization requires the records to undergo different rounds of examination, it’s going to further delay the payroll processing.

An automated attendance tracking system, on the other hand, quickly records the details of attendance of an employee that can be instantly accessed by the concerned authorities for approval.

Also, it quickens up the payroll processing by delivering accurate employee attendance data on time.

Choose a system that allows integration with other applications

Attendance records have a huge role to play when it comes to calculating payrolls and in other processes.

It’s always easy to work on payroll calculation when you can integrate your employee attendance tracking software to the software used for payroll management and the like.

Integration is one of the factors that help to decide the efficiency of the software. It also helps to fasten up the tasks.

Cloud-based solution

Cloud-based solutions add to the efficiency of the traditional way of running business applications. Even if an organization doesn’t track employee attendance manually, managing an internal hardware for the process can cost a fortune.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance when you use a cloud-based employee attendance tracking system. The version of the solution you use will always be the latest. Also, you’ll be able to access the attendance data from anywhere.

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Look for an attendance tracking system that’s easy to use

When you spend a fortune to buy an attendance tracking system for your organization, it doesn’t make sense if you have no idea about how it works.

Therefore, always go for an attendance tracking system that’s easy to comprehend and if possible, ask for a demonstration. Providing training to the employees is a great way to avoid confusion amongst them, especially those who are not really into technology.

Provide employees with a self-service solution

When employees are able to access their time and attendance details, they’ll have an insight into their performance so far. This can motivate them to work harder.

Also, this will be a great way for them to transition from traditional attendance tracking process to a technology-based one without worries.

The self-service solution also allows the managers to analyse and approve the attendance details.  In short, implementing a self-service solution provides the employees the liberty to look into their productivity and work hard in the future.

Automatically compliant to labor laws

While looking for ways to succeed, it’s also important for businesses to look into the best interests of their employees. That’s why anything a company implements has to comply with the labour laws, which also includes the employee attendance tracking system.

Non-compliance with labour regulations can lead to hefty fines that the employers will have to pay. The best way to avoid that is to choose an efficient attendance tracking software.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Choosing an attendance tracking system that is easy to configure and can be integrated to other applications can help you to solve almost all problems regarding attendance tracking.

An efficient employee attendance tracking system plays a vital role in improving productivity and thereby, increasing the chances for businesses to succeed.