Ever introspected how much the outdated systems are costing you and your business?

If ever asked, any HR manager would invariably mention the payroll processing in the list of their most despised tasks.

In today’s era if we have not automated the task of time keeping we are undoubtedly lagging the race.

Employee attendance management is no less than a laborious form of computation. No doubt it is easy, but the results are affected by a lot of deviations in shifts and scheduling.

Having software in place for this process will not only maximize efficiency but also eliminate potential errors caused by distractions of humans.

If you are still not convinced by the gravity of the matter, have a look at the roster of benefits that can be enjoyed with a web based time clock app at your disposal.

wifi attendance

1. Prevents time theft

Prevents the employees from committing unfair attendance practices like buddy punching. In a cloud based attendance system there is no room for time theft.

2. Easy and flexible

Web based time clock apps provide users the comfort of punching in using personal mobile devices. There is no need of a special hardware device to for attendance.

3. Lowers the strain on HR department

Every time an employee needs a leave or has any enquiry about the remaining number of compensatory offs, he would approach the HR for the details.

With the introduction of this software the HR is ruled out from the picture. Employees can have direct access to their time sheets and activity trackers. This will help them tweak their planning of work and vacation.

4. Exhaustive account of employee performance

Managers might need to access employee time cards for monitoring employee performances. This is a major parameter while employee productivity and contributions are assessed for the purpose of hikes and increments.

Using web based time clock apps, an elaborate account of activities can be generated. The report showing a breakdown of man hours for each task is created for the employer to carry out a rightful examination at the time of appraisals.

5. Integrated Functions and facilities

Not only attendance, but other a web based time keeping app is a collective interface enveloping other features like leave management, over time, yearly calendar, PTOs.

Many apps have a feature of sending customized alerts to the employees when their timings are not aligned with the shifts.

A major advantage of a cloud based system is it can store records from any number of facilities and warehouses that belong to a business. You need not have a separate time keeping implement for each premise.

attendance app

6. Highly accurate

Accuracy is the main objective we look to accomplish when we resort to technology. Web based time tracking software turns out to be a boon during audits and payroll calculations. Imagine all the manual calculations with a paper based attendance record.

With the introduction of cloud based systems it becomes a breeze to manage all employee related data like productivity, overtime, man hour calculations etc.

The system is complicit to accurately measure the productivity and will save you the trouble of dealing with losses due to time theft and unproductive premise hours.

7. Easy maintenance

Cloud based time tracking systems do not face troubleshooting, upgrades and update issues. Hence it is much easier for the IT department to maintain the data and manage the system.

8. Profitable

No better implement that can give you a cost effective solution to the tedious process of managing employee information.

Considering the cost of installing and maintaining an employee attendance tracking hardware, this application seems very much viable and agile.

All you need to do is install the central management system and feed employee data. The information will be auto mapped once the subjective mobile devices are connected to the system over the network. Thus the need of employing a separate hardware is dropped.

9. Round the clock record retrieval

The HR, managers or any other authorized officer can access the details of employees for the purpose of payroll calculation, performance monitoring as and when they desire. The details of the monthly activity and daily working hours can be easily fetched once all data is saved on cloud.

10. Secure

Count on the cloud based server for data protection in case of crisis or any other natural disasters. The imminent issues of power failures and calamities are inevitable but we do have the power to disaster proof and secure our records from them.

Cloud based systems have a strong armor against all the odds including system crashes and hacking as they undergo nightly backup and hardening procedures.

11. Environment friendly

The amount of paper produced each year in the world is figure running at a lightning fast speed. The demand is said to double by the year 2030.

You can only imagine how much you could save the environment if you switched to paperless means of employee management. A web based time clock system could be your step one.

Would it really be worth choosing a manual time tracking methodology at the cost of the 10 practical parameters we just assessed?

Human operated systems are tedious, time consuming and prone to errors. While time clocks are flexible, secure and can be easily scaled up with growing employee numbers.