HR managers play a crucial role in the success of any organization. The role of an HR manager includes tasks such as human resources and employee management, attendance management, leave management, payroll management and so on.

But, very often the processes are time- consuming and tedious as well.

So, wouldn’t it be great to have a quality app to make the whole process easier and more efficient?

We have designed a unique app for attendance management as well as HR management – WiFi Attendance App.

Here are 5 ways WiFi Attendance App helps the HR manager

attendance app

1. Attendance Management & Employee Location Tracking

WiFi Attendance App offers an impressive dashboard to manage employee attendance effortlessly.HR Managers will get accurate data of attendance details via this app.

Unlike usual attendance apps, this app works only on pre-set office WiFi range.  Employees can mark their attendance at office WiFi zone. HR mangers can easily track employee location with a few clicks. This ensures real time employee presence at office and prevents buddy punching as well.

WiFi attendance is absolutely a replacement for biometric systems and usual employee attendance apps. Besides attendance management it has several other features to make HR management easier and effective.

Check this video to know how effective is a WiFi attendance system

2. Leave Management

What makes WiFi attendance app different is its easy to use user interface. It‘s easy to apply leaves via this app. Employees would get a clear data of available leave details for the month.

There are separate fields to enter data such as reason for leave and number of days required . This will help employees to apply leave with a few clicks via their smartphone.

A notification message will be sent to the reporting manager or HR manger for approval. HR managers will get the leave details of each employee precisely. This will help them in payroll processing at the end of every month.

3. Employee Productivity Hours

It’s obvious that nobody likes spending time on doing unnecessary admin work. Your employees might be using spreadsheets to enter their task details and worked hours.

It would be difficult for HR managers or Project managers to check each and every spreadsheet to evaluate the performance of employees.

WiFi Attendance App offers you timesheet feature to track employee productivity and worked hours. Project managers can assign tasks to the team members via team preference module.

Employees can enter the time spend for each projects in respective sections. There are sections to enter billable and non-billable tasks. This feature will be helpful for project managers and HR managers to check the workflow.

4. Data Based Actions

Wifi attendance can offer many features that help HR managers in data-driven decision making. Features such as timesheet, attendance management, and leave management are helpful for them to make decisions on actual and accurate insights.

An overview of attendance, leaves and productivity would help HR managers or Project managers to make right decisions at the time of appraisals and picking right employees for projects.

Analysing data can also help to identify the changes needed for overall development of the organization.

5. Useful for Sending Notifications

HR managers can make use of the notification feature to compose and send notifications to an employee or a group of people. This feature allows notifications to be sent immediately at a scheduled date, or as recurring events.

Notifications can be delivered in the form of:

  • Email messages
  • Announcements on homepage or dashboard page

Attendance App

 A Final Thought

Using a WiFi Attendance App can offer businesses many benefits such as smart attendance management and real employee presence tracking. So think about choosing a future proof app for next level attendance tracking and smart HR management.