Organizations now are opting, a tech oriented solution to every functionality.  Marking attendance is one basic functionality unbiquitous across all sectors.

Conventional methods of registering the routine workforce turnout were laborious and time consuming.

The methods started off with paper based attendance marking and evolved to modern means like biometric systems and RFID cards.

The latest intruder is the wifi based attendance system.

What is a WiFi

WiFi based attendance systems are slowly propagating across the channels of establishments. The system offers a host of features that make employee management simple and effective.

Below are the highlights of the system that led to it being so popular and adored by the human resource departments:

1. Handy and efficient

The system is user friendly and works via multiple platforms. WiFi attendance works smoothly on any android or iOS device. The employees can mark their attendance once they are in the range set by the company.

The system is convenient for using – Basic requirement for the software is a mobile phone. The user interface of the systems is simple and hence makes it easy for any person to understand the working. The process is as simple as it can get. One tap and the employee is logged in.

2. More secured than conventional mode of attendance

The data is securely housed on azure cloud server. This platform is the most popular in business owing to the trustworthy features of secure storage. The concerns of security are ruled out right there.

3. Attendance information can be accessed 24X7

The best part about virtual records is that they are not bound by the confines of time in terms of availability.  Your Human resource manager need go fishing through documents to retrieve data from a particular date.

All data is accessible on his computer.  Primarily all he needs is the credentials to log in to the system and retrieve the information whenever needed.

attendance app

4. Enhanced attendance evaluation

The process is automated to cumulate the data and calculates the number of hours the personnel have worked for a particular month.

The HR’s job is thus simplified for the purpose of calculating salary and overtime hours.  The system requires zero human interference for maintaining records and computations.

5. Overtime observances

The easily accessible data makes it possible for the employees to check their number of work hours themselves. The readily available data makes it easier for the HR to restructure compensations and crank down unplanned leaves.

6. Time saving results

We can only imagine the amount of time that is saved owing to automated calculations in place of manual labor. The time saved can therefore be channelized towards improving infrastructure and workforce provisions.

wifi attendance

7. Location Tracking feature

The system is supplemented with employee tracking feature. It is capable of tracing the location of the employee’s device. If an employee marks his attendance from anywhere outside the premises, the authority will be notified regarding the activity.

Not just that, but the HR can manage and track an employee’s location in real time.

Managing work place discipline will thus be a pushover!