Every internet connection comes with a browsing limit that should suffice for a month. However, there will be times when you lose track of the amount of bytes you are consuming as you are browsing.

You should also know that some websites and devices heavily drain your bytes and bandwidth more than others. For all those who wish to closely monitor their internet data consumption, here are 5 amazing free Windows apps to track internet usage.

1. Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth Monitor is a free bandwidth meter for Windows that is compatible with Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. This simple-to-install and easy-to-configure Windows app shows up real-time data and web output supporting multiple connections and network  adapters.

Allowing you to keep a close watch on your network connections, this is a highly-dependable and easy-to-use app that notifies you once you have reached the 90% bandwidth consumption limit.

2. NetBalancer

Tagged as an effective and powerful tool to control and monitor web traffic, NetBalancer allows you to control network traffic.

This app also monitors the entire system including system services, network adapters and processes. Meaning, you can effortlessly monitor WiFi and LAN connection simultaneously, in line with the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Compatible with Vista 7 and 8 versions, Windows XP and 2003, this multi-faceted app can help you prioritize/limit a download/upload process.

You can also group local computers into a network and synchronize the traffic. Set global net traffic limits while getting to view the network traffic in system tray. Allowing you to effectively check current connections, this app enables you to keep a close watch on the network speed.

3. NetTraffic

Recognized as an essential monitor of network bandwidth, NetTraffic is a multi-purpose Windows app that provides an array of monitoring statistics.

This multi-lingual freeware allows you to lay hands on the network usage history, providing you with a real-time data rate chart. In addition to being portable, this app supports all the 64-bit and 32-bit Windows PCs.

Along with real time statistics linked to data usage, you can monitor an array of internet statistics including the speed and the link data rate.

You can also monitor the traffic and its usage. This app provides details connected to link throughput along with connection throughput and network interface throughput.

Quota counter is a feature that can be of utmost benefit to users having a limited internet connection. Through this feature, you can view the usage of data limit on your mobile/PC.

4. Net Guard

Net Guard is another multi-purpose freeware that allows you to make the most of the internet speed while closely monitoring the usage of bandwidth. This app can also avoid any malware sapping your bandwidth.

Providing you with a detailed ‘monthly bandwidth usage report’, this app helps you uncover all those unknown programs that are unnecessarily draining your bandwidth. Through its ‘bandwidth usage prediction’ feature it can also help you forecast the bandwidth that you will need in a month.

You can also check out the ‘over-limit notification’ feature that popups a message once you exhaust your bandwidth. Hence this budget-friendly app can save you a lot a money by restricting the overuse of internet. Additionally, the ‘floating window’ feature helps you see real-time usage of your network data.

5. NetworkUsageView

Network Usage View is adifferent app when compared to the above-mentioned network monitoring tools for Windows-enabled PCs.

While this app cannot be called a comprehensive network monitor, this is a network usage viewer that is exclusively meant for PC enabled with Windows-8 and above versions. Through this app, you can view the full information about bandwidth usage pertaining to all the services and apps.

Another significant characteristic of this app is that you can track down users connected to a multi-user environment who are draining your bandwidth quota. You can also monitor the band width usage of a remote computer which can be exported to a CSV file.


All those who are linked to a limited broadband plan should definitely install one of the above-described free Windows apps.  Best suited for students who operate with a tight budget and also for others, these 5 freeware options can help them monitor their internet usage.