Employee Attendance App

Smart Attendance Marking

Employee Attendance App offers everything to keep employees motivated and happy. This app is an easy way to mark attendance, submit leave applications, check holiday calendar and much more.

Features of Employee Attendance App

Attendance marking made easy

Employees can easily mark their attendance via app once they reach the workplace. No need to wait in queues to mark the attendance. This helps to save time and work smartly.

User friendly dashboard

The app is easy to handle and presents data in a way that is easy to read and access. Data is shown using graphical representations so that it is easy to know information such as the exact worked hours, leave details, check assigned tasks for the month, etc.

Easy to apply for leaves

This feature presents the employees a convenient way to apply for leave and check the leave balance. Users have to enter the number of days and reason for applying leave in respective columns to complete the process. Leave is applied at the drop of a hat.

Can check punch in & punch out details precisely

The app offers an easy way for employees to check their daily punch in and punch out details. It shows the exact punch in and punch out location of the employees as well. Employees can see their total working hours using this feature.

Holiday calendar

This is an interesting feature for the employees. The app shows all the holidays available for the year at a click. This will make easier for employees to plan their holidays in advance.