HR App

Smart and Effortless HR Management

HR Management App helps companies to perform at the highest level. It helps HR departments to work smart and efficiently rather than working hard. The app offers features such as real time employee locator, performance management, payroll management, asset management, etc.

Key Features of HR App

Real Time Employee Locator

This feature helps to track real time location of employees at the office. HR professionals can monitor employees’ activities with this feature.

Easy Payroll Management

As the HR app can be integrated with both Employee Attendance App and Webapp, it will be easier for HR department to generate useful reports such as payroll reports. HR managers can easily view employee details at a glance such as leaves taken, attendance, total worked hours, job breakouts, overtime,etc. Getting such data at a click makes payroll management flexible and easier.

Performance Management

Useful data such as timesheet of each employee, project details, available resources, etc can be generated using this app. HR managers can analyse such data to get insights on workflow of the company. This enables them in strategic workforce planning in line with the needs of the company.