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Know your employees and their details


User time analytics on different tasks


Workflow and roles as per individual abilities


Engagement and productivity of employees

Know your team like the back of your hand!

The app lists the particulars of each member of your workforce so you get to know them better.

The details include their name, resident address, contact information and department in which they work. This section can be customized as per the needs of the employer.

Pull the plug on futility!

Being in touch with real time activity analytics, you will understand individual contribution to overall productivity.

Analyze best performances with those that are not up to the mark. This data will tell you what exactly the star performers are doing better than the others and what kind of tasks need to be terminated all together.

Having learned this, you can empower everyone to strive for better results.

Watch every move in Real time

Time theft during work hours is a major concern of employers.

Wi-Fi Manager provides you with tracking feature where in you can locate the real time position of every employee in the office premises.

The app also helps you find out if your employees clock-in from anywhere outside the office premises. And also the device they have used for logging the attendance is specified in the notifications.

The coolest Mash-up of features!

  • Clock in/ out time
  • Vacations/sick leaves
  • Overtime Hours
  • Real time data
  • Clock-in/out location

Available on Mobile and Desktop

Monitor multiple teams with a quick overview of real –time activity metrics with desktop app.

Keep a watchful eye on team dynamics while you are away with mobile app loaded with all the features.

Your security is our priority

Wifi manager app backend data rests on Microsoft azure cloud platform which provides data security against threats like data theft and other cyber security concerns.

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