Web App

App for Strategic Workforce Planning

Webapp is the desktop version for time and attendance tracking. It has a user friendly dashboard with amazing features such as leave management, attendance management, time worksheet, team preference module and cloud based document management system. Employees as well as HR can access this application.

Features of Webapp

User friendly admin dashboard

The app provides an impressive dashboard for its users. It shows basic information such as punch in and punch out time. The attractive feature of the dashboard is its workflow calendar. The dashboard itself reveals the workflow of the company by providing the details such as reported time, worked hours, holidays, weekly off, casual leaves and uninformed leaves, etc. Details on each aspect are shown in different colours.

Easy to enter and check daily productivity details

Webapp provides a timesheet feature to record the productivity details. Employees can enter the time spend for each projects in respective sections. There are sections to enter billable and non- billable tasks. This feature will be helpful for project managers and HR managers to check the workflow.

Leave and Attendance Management

The app offers separate modules for leave and attendance management. Once the leave request is initiated by the employee project manager can verify it and approve the leave. As the leave module is integrated with the attendance module, applied leaves can be seen in attendance module as well. This will be helpful for HR managers while generating payroll reports

Team Preference Module

This module helps project managers to assign tasks to their team members. Features of this module include team preference, user tracking and auto task approval. Team preference has respective sections to assign tasks for each employee. Also, team manager can add the estimate time to complete the task in the frequency section.

User tracking helps managers to check the progress of tasks assigned to each member. Project managers can use auto task approval feature to give approval to their team members.

Cloud Based Document Management System

The most innovative feature of this app is its cloud based document management system. Documents such as project documents, shared documents, template files, confidential files can be stored securely and intact with this system. As the system uses cloud technology there is no room for any kind of data breaches such as hacking, phishing, etc.