HR Management challenges and solutions are one of the most integral parts of any organization considering they ensure the structural function of the company and the employees in it. They indeed are one of the pillars on which an organization is built.

There are multiple hurdles an HR team goes through on their day to day work that vary from an employee level to the organizational level.

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Let’s get an insight into what their major hurdles are and how we could possibly improve the situation for the betterment of the employees and the organization alike.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulation

It’s the Human Resource team’s job to ensure that all employment rules and regulations of the government and company regulations are maintained by the employees. This is easier said than done.

Getting all employees to abide by the company policy is a mammoth of a task, especially in Multi-National Companies consisting of 1000s of employees.

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It is ideal for the Human Resource to deploy multiple teams in charge of each location to monitor the employees closely. Retraining on the corporate policies in a timely manner will help too. It is also vital to practise new-hire training to ensure fall out do not occur.

2. Change management

In a world where change is constant, it is not an unknown entity in the corporate world too. Some employees have great difficulties in coping with structural or fundamental changes that are implemented in the organization.

It is Human Recourse’s job to ensure that all employees adapt to each project they take on irrespective of how different it is from their comfort zone.

This is a difficult task considering there is no training provided for the HR team to guide employees through the transition.

It would be ideal if the HR team received training on how to help employees cope up with their stress during organizational realignments so that the Human Resource team can in turn help the other employees through the transition.

Also, regular meeting with the entry-level and leadership employees will help in embracing the ongoing change.

3. Leadership Development

It is crucial for any organization to have great leaders to guide their teammates. HR Management challenges and solutions will help in improving employee satisfaction and morale. It is seen that companies that have below par management training programme have got higher attrition.

It is required to identify a suitable candidate for the leadership position keeping in mind the requirements of the program and provide adequate training to the candidate so that they are enabled to guide the group of employees to success. This is the responsibility of the Human Resource management team.

The best practice is to incorporate such training modules into the work culture. Goals set on  day to day activities will also help motivate them.

4. Workforce Training and Development

Training is given not only to the leadership team but also the new hires. It is essential to impart knowledge to the new hires on the organizational policies and structure. Also, it is essential to conduct periodic re-training to the entry-level employees to develop their skills.

The training does not have to be time and money consuming, executed well. A team of trainers could be hired to provide training to all employees year long. One could also consider online training since they are the next big thing now and are relatively cheaper than having a team of in-house trainers.

5. Adopting to Innovation

Innovation is an everyday occurrence in today’s world. Getting employees to learn and adopt new technologies are essential. Companies may even stand the risk of being yesterday’s news if the latest technologies of their field are not incorporated.

Constant training will help the employees keep pace with the why, how and when.

6. Compensation

It’s all for the money at the end of the day and employees are prone to shift jobs if they find the grass greener at the other end of the fence. It is difficult especially for small organizations to compete with the pay scale of larger corporates.

The HR team can help by introducing other benefit plans for the employees such as Employee reward points or an Incentive for performance.

7. Understanding Benefits &Packages

Earnings are not the only priority that makes an employee stay longer in the organization. It is seen that companies that have below par Work-Life balance tend to lose more employees. It is another important and challenging task at the hand of Human Resource.

Options like Vacation time, Flexibility in time, Free snacks, Wellness programs, etc will help keep the employees happy with the organizations.

8. Looking After Health and Safety

Workplace harassment and stress release are major concerns Human Resource deals with when it comes to employee safety. It is highly essential to ensure that all employees feel safe at the office and this task befalls on the HR Management challenges and solutions.

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Having strict policies against harassment in the workplace is mandatory. Also, workshops on stress management and tips to keeping good health through a mailer will go a long way with the employees.

9. Recruiting Talented Employees

Attaining candidates for the programme is one of the most cost-effective and time-consuming processes a company goes through.

HR Management challenges and solutions takes care of the whole process and this puts them in an awkward position by default. There is no proven way of understanding if the candidate will actually stay long in the programme or if the candidate is actually a 101% right for the position.

A lot of companies these days rely on external recruitment organizations for hiring candidates. This eliminates the company’s task of investing time and money in keeping records of the employee.

Also, temp-to-hire solutions are provided by these recruitment services that let the Human Resource team worry only about the training for the candidate.

10. Retaining Talented Employees

Retaining employees is another one of those tasks that make the Human Resource team’s life miserable. It is crucial for any organization to retain its talented employees for all the right reasons.

All organization spends time and money in improving the talents of an employee and would not want to see the money be washed in the drain when the employee leaves them.

Rewards and Recognition is an idea Human Resource swear by, to ensure that talented employees are rewarded for their achievements.

On-boarding process plays a major role in employee retainment too and it would help the Human Resource team if they focus on these aspects.

11. Workplace Diversity

People of many cultures, ages and background work under the same roof in every organization. Ensuring a healthy and ongoing rapport between all employees is a constant challenge faced by Human Resource team.

Conducting a diversity training programme has proven to be helpful in many organizations and this will help employees to understand people with different ideologies.

It is important to lead by example in such scenarios and also have an accountable system to ensure no fall outs happen.

12. Ensuring Data Privacy

In an era where Privacy is easily becoming a thing of past, it is extremely important for Human Resource to ensure data security.

Data security can only be attained on a large scale when all employees are trained on best practices. Also, a monitoring system to ensure no data transfer is conducted has to be in place along with a system that holds accountability for all employee and organization information.

13. Transparent Work Culture

It is crucial for an organization to make its employees feel that they are part of the system too and this can only be achieved with transparent workplace culture in place.

Human Resource has to go the extra mile to ensure that all policies and procedures are transparent and made with keeping employees in mind. It has to be made a practice to incorporate this in all employees from leaders to entry level agents.

14. Career Advancement Opportunities

It is important to ensure that employee talents are recognized and career advice is given accordingly. It is difficult for Human Resource to ensure this happens with all employees.

A lead in every team can be placed to ensure that employee’s talents are recognized and career advancements are offered accordingly. Human Resource team can in turn monitor the leads to ensure that the system is functioning.

15. Balanced Employee Productivity

It is important to keep employee productivity at a balance in terms of productivity. This could lead to employees having too little or too much on their plate. This imbalance would definitely cause employee dissatisfaction.

HR Management challenges and solutions has to warrant an automated procedure in place that will ensure equal distribution of work among all employees in the programme.

Also, monitoring this process is an important task that should not be left out.

16. Employee satisfaction

Attaining employee satisfaction is by far one of the most difficult tasks handled by Human Resource. Satisfaction is to each; it is own and is impossible to have global processes to ensure complete employee satisfaction.

Human Resource needs to have an ongoing process that ensures feedback collection and monitoring of employee’s satisfaction. This has to be done on a team level basis.

17. Employee – Manager conflicts

Handling employee – Manager conflict is a critical and crucial task taken care of by the Human Resource.

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Employee and manager have to continue working along with each other post this mishap and Human Resource has to ensure that there are no miscommunications on the discussion and an unbiased decision is taken.